Few weeks ago, an acquaintance of mine approached and started a conversation with me. We conversed for about 5 minutes and then he asked if I could dash him some Ghc 5 to buy food with.

At that material moment, I had less than Ghc 5 in my pocket but I had money in the bank very close by and I was just preparing to go cash some money for myself so I asked him to wait for some few minutes so I could finish what I was doing and then sort him out. I couldn’t finish what I was doing in the few minutes I promised.
After about an hour, he prompted me that he was still waiting. I was surprised that this my friend will wait on me for one whole hour expecting “just” Ghc 5 from me in order to buy food.

He’s been gainfully employed for the past 2 years in a reputable organization. He is, if not the most, one of the most influential gentlemen in my school. Always well dressed in expensive suits and admired all over the place.

About 10 minutes after, he reminded me again that he was waiting so I stopped what I was doing and left to the cash machine about 50 meters away wondering why this my friend needed Ghc 5 from me. I returned and gave him Ghc 10 instead of Ghc 5. He thanked me and left.

Two days later, we met at the same place. He thanked me again and again and again for my generosity towards him 2 days earlier and then began to narrate to me how difficult things were for him on that day because he had invested his money into a project that was supposed to have paid off a week before then but had delayed a bit, coupled with some commitments he had to honor that no one took him serious when he really needed Ghc 5 to buy food. I felt sorry for him. I offered him another Ghc 10 which he turned down because he now had money.

As I pondered over the incident a question then popped up in my head, “Why do you think God created the seasons?

In our natural landscape, we have 2 seasons in Ghana; wet season and dry season. Elsewhere in Europe and the Americas, we have summer, winter, spring and autumn. Despite recent climate change patterns, none of the seasons chronicled above is permanent.

The lesson here is that, “God created seasons to constantly remind us that nothing is permanent.” You may be down today, but it’s not permanent. You may be up today but that also is not permanent.

Peace ✌️


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