Few weeks ago, an acquaintance of mine approached and started a conversation with me. We conversed for about 5 minutes and then he asked if I could dash him some Ghc 5 to buy food with. At that material moment, I had less than Ghc 5 in my pocket but I had money in the … Continue reading SEASONS OF TIME 



Some time ago on my way home from school, I sat in a taxi cab beside two beautiful ladies- obviously students from my school (University of Professional Studies Accra). They were conversing all through the journey. They spoke about lots of issues, from challenging courses, to the difficult lecturers and many more issues. However, something … Continue reading OUR TRUE SELF WORTH

I’m Grateful

It's a privilege to have you visit my blog. Here, I'd share with you my musings and reflections about a broad spectrum of issues ranging from Lifestyle, Education, Leadership, and many more. Most importantly, I'd share with you my thoughts on why a continent so blessed by God with resources, arguably than all other continents … Continue reading I’m Grateful